Amazon Nazi Ad Is Real (And Approved By MTA)

Amazon Nazi Ad Campaign?

Is it ok for companies to generate profits by creating ads that contain the Nazi and Imperial Japan emblems in their promotions? How far will companies go to create buzz for their next marketing project? Should there be a limit placed on these strategies?

People all over social media didn’t seem very happy about the strategy as you can see in some of the responses to Katherine’s tweet. A new show for Amazon Prime called The Man in the High Castle is to thank for the new style seen on New York City’s 42nd St shuttle.

Not everyone was as upset over the Amazon Nazi ad promotion. Some spoke out against the backlash, citing first amendment rights. Regardless of who feels this is right or wrong, the fact of the matter is that these ads are currently legal and they were approved by the MTA.

Although it would take much more than tweets to begin a change in law or policy surrounding the controversy, that social pressure was enough to erase the new ad. Over the last 24 hours, the backlash Amazon got from social media has already forced them into a decision to pull it.

“We do not believe this ad violates our content-neutral ad standards,” said MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg. The MTA makes somewhere around $130 million per year in revenue from ads. Would a change in policy cut the MTA’s access to these very much needed funds? Should that question of money matter when deciding on these laws or policies?

What do you think? Would you call for a change of policy? Your city could be next in a future expected to be filled with controversial ads. Tell us on our facebook, twitter and instagram accounts.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request made for comment on the situation.