Caught On Video: Day Care Abuse On Camera

Physical Child Abuse At A Day Care Center

Day Care Abuse Still Happens

Day care abuse doesn’t sound as possible or likely with all of the technology available to today, allowing parents to monitor the activities of their children in real time. If you didn’t know already, a lot of day care facilities now have a video feed for the parents to check up on their children and watch every activity as it happens. If you or someone you know has access to a feed like this, it is probably safe to say you wouldn’t expect to see what this mother did.

Day Care Abuse Is Possible

One thing that parents tend to say a lot is “better to be safe than sorry”. Unfortunately, this saying can also be applicable to┬áday care centers. Be careful who you trust your loved ones with. Just because a live camera feed is promised to you, doesn’t mean you can trust that facility without doing more research.

Do you know how to find good day care? Make sure you do as much research as possible and ask for as many referrals as possible. Also, rather than taking someone’s word for it, visiting the establishment and talking with everyone who works there is more necessary than ever.

Please share this story with someone you know who has children in day care. Although most professional child care facilities are much safer than the one displayed in the video, it is still better to be safe than sorry.

Do you have some tips you found to be very helpful in finding a match for you and your child? Contact us for a follow-up article to help more parents find the same success you did. It is important we help one another as much as possible when finding care we can trust with our children.