Love Pizza? Science Tells Us Why

Love Pizza? Here is the science behind it...

Love Pizza? Science tells us why pizza addiction is at the top of our food obsession. Yes, pizza addiction is real. Is that really such a bad thing? But it tastes so good! Here is the latest in pizza news for all of us pizza lovers to enjoy…

The Pizza Buzz Is Real. A Lot Of Us Love Pizza.

According to many posts on our social media feeds, pizza is life, or at least that is how it is described by many. Do you love pizza? Know someone who loves pizza? More than likely, the answer to one or both of these questions is an immediate yes. You may have noticed some friends who even take selfies with their pizza. There are also a countless number of very funny memes across the internet that demonstrate our obsession with all different kinds of pizza.

Ok so your friend says they love pizza, you love pizza and eight other people say they love pizza. Is there really a scientific explanation to all of this love demonstrated for one specific food over others? Also, according to a study published in the US National Library of Medicine, when compared to other addictive-like foods, pizza came in at the top of the list. Yes, number one!

Study shows pizza to be the most addictive food when compared to others.

A protein called casien is an ingredient in our milk products and the main reason for our addiction. Want more detail than that? Ok, you asked for it.

As stated in the study’s findings: “Addictive substances are rarely in their natural state, but have been altered or processed in a manner that increases their abuse potential.”

Casomorphins are released when we digest casien, which then stimulate opoid receptors. These receptors are found to be related to controlling our pain and addiction.

The pizza buzz is real and now you have a scientific explanation for those who just don’t understand your craving. Spread the word!