App Banned By Auto Insurance Companies?

Free App Wants To Pay For Your Auto Insurance Deductible.

Why Is This Awesome App Banned?

It’s Not! You Can Still Get It Now. Read On…

FixBidz is a new smartphone app available to download for free on both Apple and Android devices. Is the app banned? Not at all, in fact it is free for you to download right now. So what does it do and why does it’s existence upset so many auto insurance giants?

This app saves our users from a lot of stress, while also saving them a ton of money.

The Auto Body Association partnered with a tech company to create and promote a very simple smartphone app. When you see how simple it looks, you’ll be surprised to see how well it functions. “The feedback we got from users helped us come up with the slogan ‘Simple App With Super Powers’ (as seen in the promo video), said President, Sam Sarkisian.

The main function of the FixBidz smartphone app is to allow users the capability to take photos of their vehicle’s damages, submit the information directly to the Auto Body Association to receive bids from the highest rated auto repair shops in the user’s area within 1-2 business days. This is great for the consumer as it saves them a lot of time and money. No more driving from shop to shop in search for the best deal and no more wondering if the shop is a trusted establishment.

One side effect of this app’s success in helping the consumer and supporting trustworthy shops has been the pure frustration displayed by auto insurance companies who have threatened with legal action to get the app banned from the public.

Why would these companies be so mad about a free app that is helping their clients? Take a look at a promotion inside the “Offers” section of the app and you will see exactly what has got these big companies so hot.

“50% OFF Deductible”

Yes, those magic words “50% OFF DEDUCTIBLE” were all it took to start this firestorm. Auto insurance companies have been known to hate any kind of deductible waiver and they have made it clear to the Auto Body Association that this feeling is still alive. That is why they want the app banned immediately.

We reached out to a very large insurance company believed to be behind much of the potential legal action but they have yet to reply. It’s truly amazing what one very simple app can do — and this is just the beginning.

You can download this controversial app for free on Apple or Android devices now. The good news is that it doesn’t look like the insurance companies will be able to get the app banned anytime soon. You can also visit for more information.