Awkward Conference Networking (And How To Get Around It)

How To Easily Network At Conferences & Events

Awkward Conference Networking
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Conference networking doesn’t have to be awkward anymore.

Awkward conference networking is something you might be familiar with. Have you ever felt a sense of awkwardness while approaching someone at a conference? How about that odd conversation that can happen after being approached?

You already know it’s important to connect with other professionals. You also already know it’s important to make connections at conferences. You might also wonder how strangers seemingly connect so easily. If there ever was a secret then this might be it.


One of the most effective strategies being used today starts weeks in advance of the conference you plan to attend. How is this possible? Well, it’s time to break out your social media profiles and put them to good use. Don’t have any? Create them now. Have profiles you don’t keep up with? Get ready to make them look active.

Connecting online with other professionals is already a good idea. Now that you have a conference coming up, that connection becomes even more important. With a simple search on any platform, you can find out who is also going to be at the same event. Start a conversation, add feedback to their posts and keep your profile looking active. Creating just one update per day will do the trick.

Creating these new connections prior to meeting in person is a lot more simple than you might think. For example, many conferences have official hashtags you can easily search for on twitter to find others attending. Use this knowledge to start interacting with these professionals by responding to their tweets or by providing them with feedback on their work.

This strategy is becoming more common and accepted in the business world. Awkward conference networking doesn’t have to be a part of the experience any longer. Besides, it is a lot easier to back out of a conversation that happens online. This also helps you find out who you shouldn’t invest your time in approaching. All of the above will make the process of meeting in person a lot easier and much less awkward.

Conference networking can now be a much more positive experience for everyone. Good luck out there and have fun!

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you are at the actual event, make sure to share something unique about yourself with others that they will definitely remember.