Old Man Steals Puck From Kid (Team Saves The Day)

It’s not every day that a professional sports team’s coach takes the time to give a fan a souvenir during the game, especially as they visiting team. It’s also not every day that you see the title of an article “Old Man Steals Puck From Kid”. Really? An old man stole a puck from a kid in the stands? Is this reality? Well, that’s what happened in Pittsburgh.

Old man steals puck from kid? Really?

Former Penguins coach Dan Bylsma, now Buffalo Sabres coach, signaled to a child in the stands to catch a puck he was to throw over the glass. Unfortunately, that didn’t go as planned when an older man grabbed the puck from in front of the kid and proceeded to laugh in the child’s face. As unbelievable as it sounds, you can watch it here:

Thankfully, the Pittsburgh Penguins were fully aware of what had happened and let all of the fans know that they were handling the situation.

Pittsburgh Penguins official twitter account.

The night had a very happy ending as the Pittsburgh Penguins did take care of the situation, as did Buffalo Sabres coach Dan Bylsma. You can see how in this video posted by the NHL on their youtube channel.

Follow hockey or not, it is still very nice to see a class act demonstrated by a professional sports team. The title of this story quickly changed from “Old Man Steals Puck” to “Hockey Team Saves The Night For A Kid”. Fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins or not, it is still easy to appreciate that the organization saw an opportunity to do something great in what could have been a very different experience for everyone on this night. The score was irrelevant to a child who became the real winner of the night.