Cops Warn: Dangerous Halloween Candy A Real Possibility

Dangerous Halloween Candy

Dangerous Halloween Candy?

Dangerous Halloween candy is a real possibility. Yes, it is possible that your child’s candy this Halloween is laced with something dangerous. Of course, it is also possible that your kid’s candy this Halloween is safe for them to consume. Either way, wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry?

It seems every Halloween that a similar warning is sent out to parents across the country: “check your kid’s candy before you let them eat it” and then you see again that there were no cases in your neighborhood of any children getting sick. Why would someone spend all of that money on hiding illegal drugs in your kids candy? Sure, it doesn’t make any sense to any of us but it is possible it makes sense to someone out there.

Therefore, we should not begin to ignore these warnings.

Don’t eat candy that looks like this.

Jackson Police issued a warning to beware of any and all candy that may look like what you see in the above photo. It is also safe to say that unsafe candy can look different than what you see in the photo.

Police Warning: Ecstasy pill might look like Halloween Candy.

When you do a search on google for dangerous Halloween candy, one of the top results includes text that states “Poisoned candy myths are urban legend”.¬†Although many of the warnings you see over the years may never lead to real dangerous cases, it is still very important to always carefully check any candy before allowing a minor access to it. Why? Because it is¬†always a possibility that someday, someone might make this threat a reality for all of us. Do we need to strike real fear alongside the fun fear that this holiday brings us? Not at all. Just be careful out there!